What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

Nowadays, social media platforms have become an essential part of everyone’s life. We all use social media to post pictures, share our thoughts, news, trends, fashion, and sell products. While some people also use it to grow their small or big business. All in this, everyone wants to be super quick on social media sites, leading to the use of acronyms/abbreviations in conversation, posts, groups, and pages. So what does ISO mean on Facebook? Let’s find it out.

The word ISO is used instead of “In Search of .” On many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and even on the Craigslist website, you might have seen this ISO word, but at that time, you might not know the meaning of that word. You might also receive an email with the written word ISO in it. So don’t be confused; people often write ISO instead of “In Search Of” while writing a post or chatting online.

What Does ISO Mean On Facebook

As I earlier told you, If you use ISO on Facebook, it means “In Search Of .” Let’s understand the meaning of ISO on Facebook with an example. Suppose you are looking for a low-cost motor vehicle or a second-hand laptop, then you can create a post like, 

  • ISO motor vehicle (this means you are in search of a motor vehicle to buy).
  • ISO second-hand laptop (this means you are looking for a second-hand laptop to buy).

At the same time, the meaning of ISO may be different in different cases on the same Facebook Platform. Don’t be confused; let me explain how the meaning of ISO changes in different cases on Facebook.

If the ISO word is used on the Photographer Facebook page or group, then it means the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor. In-camera ISO is referred to as the “sensitivity of film.”

While on a computer-related Facebook page or group, the meaning of ISO is changed to ISO Image (a computer file that is an exact copy of an existing file system). There is also a file format on the computer, named .ISO file. 

International Organization for Standardization is also a full form of ISO. This organization develops and publishes worldwide technical, industrial, and commercial standards. (Source: Wikipedia)

So I think now you got the point. The meaning of ISO depends upon its context.

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What Is The Full Form Of ISO

What Is The Full Form Of ISO
What Is The Full Form Of ISO

The word ISO is also used for several meanings on the internet, and some of them are listed below.

  • ISO: In Search Of
  • ISO: Instead Of
  • ISO: In Service Of
  • ISO: Incentive Share Options
  • ISO: Isolation

Meaning Of ISO on Craigslist Website’s

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, etc. If somebody wants or needs something on craigslist, the ISO acronyms/abbreviations are used before anything which is needed. For example, ISO Puppy. (Source: Wikipedia)

Like the ISO, the WTB acronym is also frequently used on the craigslist website. WTB stands for “Wish To Purchase” and is utilized in the same way as ISO.

Conclusion –

The world of slang is changing continuously, and with this, more words like ISO can be introduced in chats and posts on the internet. Anyways, now you know what ISO means on Facebook, try to use this abbreviation in posts and tweets to get familiar with this.

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What does obj mean on Facebook?

The abbreviated version, [OBJ], available in Facebook posts, is a shorter form for objects that are small. In addition, the sign [OBJ] has been referred to by the name of “Object Replacement Character.”

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